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Helping FRESNO to Obtain Energy Freedom In A Smart Way

At Lax Solar, we offer variety of flexible solar power solutions for homes and businesses. All of our solar panels are designed to meet the Top standards, which requires manufacturers to be financially stable and quality controlled. Advanced inverters are used for maximum efficiency and power conversion.
Our experienced team ensures you select the right system for your home or business.
Rapidly spreading fires and engineered power outages are a lifestyle in California now. Yet, you don't need to allow utility blackouts to upset your life, cost you cash or undermine your wellbeing. Reclaim your Power with sun powered + storage from Citadel and utilize your own put away power during utility shutoffs.
Your solar panel system is customized for your home, budget, and lifestyle.
How Solar Energy Works
How solar energy works is a combination of technology, economics, and customer service. But it begins with the sun beaming enough energy to earth each hour to power global civilization for a year. With the right equipment, you can harness your share of it and power your life on sunlight. Lax Solar combines all those into a hassle-free experience to make going solar almost as easy as flipping a switch.
The Economics: Falling equipment prices, lucrative tax incentives, and attractive financing make solar energy more accessible to average homeowners than ever. In today’s energy market, rooftop solar often pays back its initial price in just a few years.
The Service: Going solar happens in steps: consultation, design, permitting, installation, inspection, and energization. Each step involves its own process. When you go solar with Lax Solar, our team of solar specialists, designers, installers, field technicians, and customer service representatives work hard to keep the whole experience trouble-free, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the savings.

You Will save huge amount of money

You Will Get Premium Solar Equipment

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